Backfire screens

For mx bikes, is it worth it? Replacing it with a no toil kit? Just wondering?

i don't sweat it but then again, i ride a smoker. my buddies kd450f burned a hole in the filter when it backfired onto the filter trying to hotstart the bike. it put itself out by the time we pulled the seat but that will definately send you scrambling having smoke pouring out of the seat area and the smell of burned foam. nasty!

On some bikes, removal of the screen helps, on most it makes no difference. Truth be told, unless you are a pro racer who really needs every single bit of power, just leave it be.

In it will stay.


I have a question on this. I'm not interested in gaining air flow by removing the screen but am concerned about how the filter seals to the air box with it. It seems to me the air filter sealing against the air box directly works better than having an additional piece between them. I seem to think I've noticed the inside of the air box boot not as perfectly clean with the screen as every filter change I've done with out it.

Any thought on this?

The thicker material will ensuire a tighter seal. I actually add a 4mm layer of neaporene (scuba suit material) in the airbox flanges.

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