Red River Motorcycle park


Well we went and it was an awesome experience. The staff was friendly an very helpful. Muenster is a cool and colorful town. Everyone we met in that area was friendly. The park is something everyone should experience. There is something for all levels of riders. We rode Bills woods, Madigascar, Pete's Gate and Costa Rica.... some vary tough and tight trails. All I can say is it is nothing like anything I have ever done before. Never did find Black Lagoon. We visited (not rode) Joshua Tree, Tx Stadium and Triple Threat...the videos don't do them justice. The guys that actually ride those have my utmost respect. It rained both Sat and Sun night so it was a lot slick and down right muddy in places but we had a lot of fun anyway. It was well worth the trip and I am looking forward to a return trip. I think my home riding ground ( Skull Creek) is going to seem just a little tame now.

i have raced there a few times back when tccra raced there. Its my all time favorite place to race, it can get gnarly, but always fun:thumbsup:

my dad told me he used to ride there in the 70's, sounds like i really need to make the trip

my dad told me he used to ride there in the 70's, sounds like i really need to make the trip

Definitely put it on your list of must ride places, I don't think you would regret it.

Yeah I hear ya Jake but that's like a 6 hour haul for me however I have some friends who live in Denton I could crash with, and drive back the next day, I may not make it this season, but it's high on my Priority list for next season for sure

It was 300 mi for us coming from south of Houston, so it took over 6 hrs (pulling RV). We split the expenses between three of us (car/truck pooling) so the cost was not bad.

Well we have just completed our second trip there, Had six riders this time and everyone haD A GREAT TIME. We finally rode every area of the property, But not every trail.Can't wait for the next trip.

Were the woods really muddy since all of this rain? Wanting to possibly head up there this weekend but kind of concerned since we got so much rain in north texas this last week.

Bills Woods was really muddy on Monday, but by the end of the week they were a lot dryer.

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