2 stroke or 4 stroke

i dont no which on is better. i would like to know what you think. i own a 2 stroke and i love it.

Oh boy.........

I'd say this is just for shits and giggles but OP is newbie.... maybe it's someone under an alias?

the Great 4 stoke beats 2 stroke, i remember my Yz125, then trying my dads WR250, it had great control able power, go up hill, want to wheelie slightly, done, want to wheelie big?, easy, 2 stroke, go up hill, hit powerband, and flip over if your not careful or going fast enough,

now on the hills, 4 stroke, you can go slower, you have the torque, 2 stroke, cant make it up you fall out of that powerband and you are done,

just stuff i have first hand experienced, hands down 4 strokes are the best,

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! that is all.

Psh. What millennium are you from? 6 stroke for LYFE!

Find some friends with 4 strokes, ask to ride their bike. Compare with yours. Decide which one is better for yourself, this topic pops up at least once a week.


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