Eric Gorr 144?

Thinking of going with an Eric Gorr 144 kit on a '05 YZ125? How is the low and mid range power and how hard does it hit? Want a smooth and fun power band, like a Honda CRF150R. Can't find a good used 150R. 14 year old that rides track, single track, and hills. Hopefully all on one bike. :thumbsup:

I like my 08YZ144 by E.G. mine is ported for low/mid it works great in the woods!

Mine has an Athena 144 that I can only assume has top end porting... It has about 5 hp then like a light switch, 30 + hp :thumbsup: Its a surprise every time.. EG should be able to tailor your cylinder to whatever you ask.. He know his two strokes!!!

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