apples or oranges

What's the pro and cons to each? Just my take on 2 vs 4 stroke

Do a search and you shall have your answers. :thumbsup:

Do a search and you shall have_____.
the opinions of every other person on this site. ride both decide. personally love 4t just b/c of the power, yaya i rode a 125 loved it just didnt love having to go crazy through every corner, im lazy.

2 stroke is is easier maintenance and fun to ride. 4 stroke is a blast to ride to. Get either and have fun JUST RIDE AND HAVE FUN

I like apples better because they are ready to eat........ no peeling needed

will the 4 vs 2 argument ever end?

will the 4 vs 2 argument ever end?

didnt you read this is about fruit :thumbsup:

i prefer oranges but only because they are sweeter but apples are ready to eat but dont taste as good

oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! not this again.


I don't have a preference. Sometimes I like to just grab an apple for instant gratification. Other times I like the satisfaction of having peeled an orange, which makes it taste so much sweeter in the end.

It's apples and oranges, just like you said.

Ride a 2 stroke. Ride a 4 stroke. See which one feels better. Buy whichever one feels better. PROFIT! :thumbsup:

this is an honest opinion. a 2 stroke is a funner bike to ride and on easier terrain or tracks i absolutely love 2 strokes. light and super fun. they are also easier to maintain but the difference between maintenance on 4 strokes and 2 is not as wide of a margin as some claim on this website

4 stroke are better for challenging terrain and for things where you need alot of torque.

easy, fun, and playing around type stuff is where 2 strokes thrive.

4 strokes are definitely better bikes there is just more maintenance and work involved in having a four stroke which is why i am seriously thinking about going to 2 smokes.

I like bananas... Wait no, that sounds gay. Not that there's nothing wrong with that but I'm not gay. Damn it! Is this some sort of trick question? The problem with apples is you see a delicious red apple and think it's the perfect one but when you bite into it, it's all mushy and gross. I like the oranges with the thick peels and when you peel them half the peel comes off so they're easier to unpeel. But there are some oranges that are really sour or are dry. A good apple verse a good orange? Dang it! I'm confused. What's the question again?

I prefer pears over apples and oranges. But, at the end of the day, nothing is better than a perfectly ripened blackberry.... I hope this helps!

Man I have to say, I really don't like Blackberries at all. I think it's mostly b/c my dad always made me go pick them - not fun.

Hey, my ex-boss actually eats the whole apple except for the stem; seeds and all. You ever seen anything like that?

but ....... if you quater an orange you can stick the piece in your mouth and grin like a fool......

So the orange has that going for it

own one of each get the best of both worlds then decide I have ktm 530 for trails and cr500 for hill climbs and all around thrashing around on each is the right tool for the job

I like steak. No fruits for me!

but ....... if you quater an orange you can stick the piece in your mouth and grin like a fool......

So the orange has that going for it

so im not the only person who does this:lol:


Eternal discussion.

Try both and you will be able to decide

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