1982 yahmaha xt 550 HELP NEEDED

let me start off by saying i am new to the forum, alot of great storys and great addvise. my problem right now is i have an 82 xt550 motor in an 85 honda 200x 3 wheeler frame, it runs and is scary, iv had a few problems i am currently working out i am looking for someone i can get help from regarding this motor. right now my biggest problem is im not getting my oil into the motor, i have an oil tank like a harley that was custom built under the seat of the 3 wheeler. i drained the oil and put the recomended 2.1 qts in and it isnt going into the motor from the tank. i thought it wasnt so i pulled the drain plug and am getting no oil in the motor. the oil is just sitting in the tank, any addvise? what am i doing wrong any help would be much appriciated. thank you.:thumbsup:

sound's wild--I take it you have it plumed with a in line and a return line? if so try laying on it's side--remove oil filter cover-- and pour oil in the oil filter to prime the pump. to ck if oil is flowing remove the little screw on the oil filter cover.

ya definetly thats wat i think was the problem, the oil gravity fed down into the motor from the tank over night so ima fill it up some more, and bleed that oil filter, thats wat another guy said too, and ya wen im 100% done it will be pretty scary, i know it has an oversized head and piston,and i have the stock one still ready to go, i got the whole bike running good for 200 bucks total, and its a beast

and ya it had both lines a return and an in line,

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