Engine i.d.


i just bought a 2004 yz450f,the frame v.i.n. matches the pink slip,however the motor # does not.

motor #J313E-004028

it fits,looks,& runs perfect(no visible welds or mount mods), but the # is different.

the pink slip motor # Is J318E0004961

4TH DIGIT is different?also a dash as apposed to a 0 (6th digit?)

i searched & found alot of vin decoders, but i have not found an engine # decoder.

does anyone know if this motor is from a




also, what year?

Someone could have swapped the motor after a failure. The WR and the YFZ both have electric start built into the cases, so if your engine doesn't have an electric starter then it is from a YZ. 03-05 YZ450F engines were the same.

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