How much do you burn?

Oil that is.

Headed to Deals Gap on Friday and need some oil consump. advice. I did a base gasket job a few months back added a HC piston and broke in with Dino (no synthetic), put on a few 1000k, changed out oil thrice in 3,000 miles maybe.

Added rotella full sythetic the other month and it seems like I'm blowing it out or burning it up? I went through 1/2 qt the other week on a 200 mile trip, 2/3 of that might have been on the highway blasting around 70-80mph in the rain no less. Is this normal??

I don't know if this is my oil choice or maybe the cylinder should have been replated after I "gently hit it with a hone", I tried to knock off the carbon a little. Had I known more ( about he plating) I would have never done this. I went in and out only a few times... :thumbsup:, maybe thats all it took.

Headed to Deals Gap with either the DR or the Speed Triple can't make up my mind yet. DR is just my all around favorite frankly. I dont want any problems on down the road and the Triumph has been acting British lately, leaving me to walk her home the other night...:thumbsup:

Hey there carbster,

I put in the H/C piston and the 190 grind cam and my problem is similar yet different; it seems that i am getting blow by into my oil. I didn't use a hone, but i did use some new coarse Scotch-brite and manually created a cross hatch pattern to break in the rings. It's not using oil and it's not smoking, but the oil still smells when i change it. I am using Castrol non-synth. I was going to pull it apart and replace the rings and use a hone this time ... but now with your post ... i'm not so sure. Did you measure and set the ring end gap before installing the piston? I had to grind the ring ends on mine to get the gap into spec.

RE: the Triumph ... i considered buying a new one a couple years ago, but having previously owned a '77 750 Bonneville and spent equal time working on it as riding it ... decided not to.

There is no problem breaking the glaze off a nickel-silicone plated cylinder. You'd be more likely to burn oil if you didn't remove the glaze from a cylinder when trying to seat new rings. It is a very hard coating. There are hones that are more suited to use in a plated cylinder. I have the J&E HC piston... I used a hone on my plated cylinder... and it needed it for any chance of the rings to seat IMO. My bike uses no oil at all... just like it didn't when it was stock. I'd switch back to 15-40 Rotella just to see if that makes any difference in oil consumption.

Older and slower- The newer stuff from Triumph has been dead reliable for me until recently. I don't blame Triumph but the monkey how had it before me, hacking into so much stuff. I have a Thunderbird Sport and it's a jewel of a bike, a bit heavy but a real good two up or long distance sporty bike. It's (thunderbird sport) never leaving my possession unless I'm in a wheel chair.

There have been issues with a few models in years past but there generally are with all bikes even our blessed Suzukis.

Rob-I'll go back to standard dino, I've had issues with blowing out synthetic before.

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