Two brothers exhaust pipe

does anybody have the two brothers exhaust on your klx450

or do you have an opinion on it

I have a Two Brothers exhaust on my YZ450 and i can tell you that this exhaust is really loud...Using a silencer is a must. As for performance you won't be disappointed.

I have one, seems to be fine. Two Bros, FMF, Yosh, Pro Circut...any of the major exhaust players will be just fine. I dont know if DG makes an exhaust for our bikes but they have been getting good reviews and seem to be an excellent value.

what would be the best header, or should i just keep the stock one with the two brothers pipe?

The slip-on alone adds enough power, but if you want more you have to buy the full system

how much of a difference would it be if i switched with the kx-f header?

Rev's out alot quicker.

Had one on my crf, all that has been said. Way too loud ! My main complaint.

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