Gearing for MX

What have you guys found to be a good all around gearing for the big wheel 150? What would you suggest for a tight track and then a big wide open fast track? Just running it on our turn track I tend to think it could benefit from taller (higher gearing) maybe a 54 rear or 55. Just want to see what you guys think as we wont be racing it until this weekend so I have no reference as of yet.

Anybody? for the big wheel

Gearing is a very personal thing. So much depends on the rider and the individual tracks.

Unless someone knows the track(s) you will be riding on, knows the CRF150RB, and knows your rider, all they can give you is their own personal preferences.

My advice; ride the track with the stock gearing. The rider should be able to tell you what changes are needed, if any, for him/her.

For a tight track, I doubt any changes would be needed. For a track with very high top speeds, you'll have to go with what you see on the track. Good luck!

We are running stock front size and a 54 rear. On wide open tracks the kid says he would prefer more top end and that there is plenty bottom end to take from. so I guess we will start stepping down 1 tooth at a time till we find the right wide open track gearing.

He rode the same gearing on a tight arenacross type track and said he liked it a lot for that.

Wish I had better info but we are still playing with this one.

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