Bike after xr100?

I have got an XR100, hence the title.. :thumbsup: I would like a two stoke but a four would be good also, I don't have much preference to brand, I do like honda's though. Mostly color I would want red, black, orange, yellow, something that is found cheap all around, and looks pretty new.

Any suggestions would be wonderful. thanks! :thumbsup:

Cheap all around for woods? A 125 2t or kdx from the 90s can be hand for under $1000.

If you've physically outgrown your 100, i'd go with a 2 stroke 125. Cheap, plentiful, easy to work on, and powerful. If you just want a step up in power, yet still have the smaller size, i'd go with an 2t 80.

Also a option, stay with the xr and step it up to a 200, or 250.

Good luck


I may help people make better suggestions if you give your age, height, weight, what type of riding you want to do (MX, trailriding?) and your general level of riding experience/skill.

I've pretty much decided on a 2 stroke 125. I know of cr125's and the yz'125's. Though I was lloking for more options.


We need more info about you physically and what riding you do/plan on doing. If you are at least 5'5" then get a 125 2 stroke.

125 2t, cheap to maintain. Great bike to learn on. Always a blast to ride. Super light. Really snappy. Feel "faster" than say a TTR or XR bike.

I think im about 5' 8" - 110 pounds - physically fit - trail riding.

a 125 will be perfect for you. I would go with the yz its been a great all around bike and i only payed 1250 for my 02

With that info totally buy the 125. It will haul you around really well since you're so light.


Given your size and weight and the fact that you are looking for a trail bike, I would suggest something with a wide ratio transmission. Perhaps you should look into a KDX200 (last year made - 2006?) or a KTM 200EXC. You should also consider a WR250F or a CRF250X, although these four strokes would likely require more maintenance and perhaps a higher used price.

Definitely nothing wrong with the 125 two strokes people have suggested, but they are motocross bikes and not particularly well suited for trail riding.

Thanks for contributing guys, After two days of looking and texting and calling and blah blah blah I finally got a trade for my 2000 xr100r for a 1994 yz125. This thing is beast :thumbsup: its quite tall though, and in pretty rough shape, it needs some TLC... I don't think they have heard of lubing a chain..

Here is a pic in the truck.


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