Ohlins 46mm forks oil level, fork seals?

I picked up a 2004 gas gas ec250 with full ohlins suspension. It needs fork seals. I believe the forks are 46mm? but I do not know this for sure. I need to find a set of fork seals and was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a set, or if there was another compatible part from another brand. I also have no idea how much oil goes back into these forks. I'm just looking to get them back to stock settings before I start changing anything or doing any dialing in. Thanks!

kyb fork seals fit as far as I know , don't know oils level , something like 120 mm from the top would be a good start point , you can normally dl a manual from the ohlins site

Öhlins oilseals are 1.5mm higher than the KYB's

ive never worried about that small gap as i have never seen a seal move towards the clip.

just mentioning

i know :thumbsup:

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