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Hooligan bike with plates

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6'5" 230lbs 24yr old.

skill:1 season on a 200cc roketa dual sport

but very strong mt. bike/bike trials rider

Don't know what kind of bike i want.. just that i want one!!

I live in southern Oregon. i know il want to drive it into town 10 min 20-65mph plus up into the hills, fire roads, trails, small jumps.

i love doing manuals on bikes i love leaving the ground.. but i deff wont be on any race circuits. I might want to do some 1-3 day adventure rides

go camping/fishing. but i really dont think i want a big touring bike (at least yet)

the idea of a "hooligan bike" is what really appeals to me :thumbsup:

This might be more bike then i need but..

i really like the sound of the KTM 450 exc

other top runners

DRZ 400 E

iv read lots i know their very different bikes.



lighter and more powerful

6th gear

better suspension



based on the list and the fact the ktms are not much more $$ in craiglist im leaning towards ORANGE

I don't like the suggested maintanence every 15 hours. but if im not racing/redlining it maybe it could go 30hrs?

I found a really nice looking 2007 xc-w (exc w/o street kit) for $3950

iv read that exc 2007+ are 50 state EPA street legal

so can i buy this xc-w, add lights horn etc. and get it plated?

iv read that people get "the letter" even with the exc's?

its been very tough to find an answer someone elses doesn't contradect.

thanks for any sound advice/suggestions for this excited noob


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