Wiring diagram for XR250R (Euro spec)?

Can anyone let me have a wiring diagram for a 1997 Euro-spec XR250R?

It's the model with wiring in place to add indicators/relay, reg/rec+condensor behind headlight etc. Not the XR250L with a battery.

Haynes manual only has the off-road bike's wiring diagram. Ditto Clymer.


Thanks for that James, but that's the wiring diagram for the off-road-only bike.

I'm looking for the diagram for the XR250R with wiring ready to add indicators+relay, regulator/rectifier+condensor behind headlight etc. Not the XR250L with battery though.

I think it's the Euro spec model, perhaps Australian too.

Ahh I see, mine has been converted with a CBR600 switch gear so that it has headlights/horn etc. Mine has been spliced into the original loom and it does have the connections for indicators, however they are not installed.

Ok, so it sounds like you have the same wiring loom as me.

I think the USA model XR250R used the wiring system like your wiring diagram, but in Europe (and Oz, I think) we got a loom that includes:

- light blue and orange wires for indicators (or turn signals as our American cousins say),

- a connector for the indicator relay,

- additional wiring for front and rear brake light switches and brake light,

- a regulator/rectifier (and condensor) on a bracket behind the headlight,

- an electric horn,

- high/low beam headlight,

- stator to suit, etc,

- BUT no battery.

In other words, we got the dual-purpose kit as standard that Americans have to retro-fit.

There must be a Honda wiring diagram for this, but the Haynes and Clymer manuals only have the stripped down diagrams. Anyone got the Euro/Australian 1996-on XR250R wiring diagram, including all the gubbins listed above?

good luck! all the wiring diagrams I have found (clymer, haynes) are all for the american spec bikes! Factory honda manual would be your best bet

Cheers Coopz!

I downloaded a Honda manual, but I guess it's an American one :thumbsup:

The image I hosted was from the Official Honda manual so no luck there

This may be of help; it's from the Australian model Owner's Manual.


Let me know if there is any more I can do.

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Spelling correction.

Spot on RMXR. You're a star!

Thanks very much :thumbsup:

This may be of help; it's from the Australian model Owner's Manual.

Let me know if there is any more I can do.

Any chance you could let us know what owners manual that is from ? ( honda i'm assuming but just checking. )

Cheers Nick

Yes, it's from the Owners Manual that you get with the new bike.


That diagram looks very similar to what I ended up doing on my XL600 when I decided to jettison the battery altogether. Notice the condenser in place of the battery?  I found that the signals would not work without a little extra reserve power.  I went to the local Radio shack store and purchased the largest (physically) capacitors they had and a small circuit board.  I soldered the capacitors in parallel on the board and attached wires to them to sub for my missing battery. (three 2700 mf large ones if I remember correctly)  It has worked great now for several years, no more buying batteries or messing with acid residue, and as an added bonus it is smaller and lighter too.


Napa sells a two wire digital flasher relay that works great with any combination of signals, I have LED rear and conventional front.  Their part number is EL-12 and it should cost 10-12 dollars.

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