anyone owned ridden one of these things?

in particular the cr250 with the 500 engine?

they have me intrigued,,, with a flywheel wieght are these things smoothed out much?

hmmmm maybe i could find room for one as a 2nd bike,


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<font color="navy">I can tell you one thing. There's nothing like a 500cc two stroke. They are a true man's bike. My Dad raced the 500s through the 80s and was one of the fastest amateurs in Michigan, and much faster than many of his friends that raced PRO. Anyways, I know that if I could afford one, I would buy the Service Honda 500AF. My Dad currently owns a CR500 but is looking for a new bike(KTM 520 e/xc) that's a little less radical, he says he getting too old to ride a machine like this.

All I can say is that they are one of a kind, and I wish Honda and Kawasaki would give them some R&D to get the suspension/ergonomics up to today's standards. WE NEED AN OPEN CLASS!



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I had an 88 cr500 and seriously thought about getting the service honda bike before I bought my 426. If cost was no option for me I'd be on the cr. I love my YZ, but I have to admit, I still look at the picture of the cr500af that service honda sent me with serious longing. If you have the funds (and the nads), you couldn't go wrong with it.

Glen T

I also thought about getting another CR500 before my 426. I had a late 80's CR500 and the thing was a monster. As for the usable power..... I am much faster on my 426 than I ever was on the 500.


I owned a 2000 model CR5 with a '96 barrell (base milled and ported) light weight piston and heaps of other work, reeds, carby, pipe etc-etc.It was a very "responsive" big bore motorcycle but geared very tall to get maximum drive.

I wish that I could of tried a service Honda 500, but we don't have access to too many over here in Australia.

I really like the big bore 2 strokes but they are really off the pace production wise these days(no power valves, average suspension geometry etc).

Since owning my '01 YZF426 I have found alot of speed and also ride with alot more confidence.Four strokes are very different power wise but really easy to get used too.

If I was you I would try to get a hold of a CR500AF and try it, even get a few lap times while you ride it and then try a 426 and compare them. You might be shocked :)

Oh by the way a friend of mine had a 2000 CR5 with a flywheel weight and it felt like a XR650! (not really but it definately changed the power curve) His engine was completely stock as well as pipe etc.

I hope this helps.


Because golf courses can be MX tracks! :D

I owned a '99 CR500 and rode Weston Beach race on it :D , awesome bike, had an absolute ball on it. Geared up for the mile straight it must have been pulling near on a hundred :), I must say though that I personally am much quicker on my WR 426 than I ever was on the 500. It just seems so much easier to ride. Any body who's not experienced one of these things really should before they become extinct :D




We have a rider in our club who has one on order, and I will let you know what its like after I get a chance to ride it.

He decided to go with the Service 500 AF, instead of buying my 98 CR 500, which did not work for me in the tight desert, or on our local MX tracks.

As a long time rider of big bore 2 smokes, I can't wait for that 426 to be parked where the 500 was :)

ok,,,im gonna look out for an aluminium framed cr500,, i know theres a few about,,,

seem like it cud be what we're all looking for,,,

light,,, very powerful etc

and if the flywhell wieght smooths the power delivery down,,,well ''DING DONG''

seems it would make a great 2nd bike


I never said that I was afraid of the power I quite like the power and loved to have extra 'on tap' for when I needed it.

The Australian open class rules changed only allowing two strokes upto 250cc to race in the open class.So that's why I sold it, now do you understand a little more.

I was purely making the statement that I now prefer my 426 due to the way it's geometry and ergonomics are and how precise the suspension feels compared to a stock steel CR5.

I don't think there is any need to get nasty, if you want to slow the engine down then that's your choice. I won't knock your decision.


Because golf courses can be MX tracks! :)

<FONT COLOR="red">

Like I said...We need a revival of the OPEN CLASS!!

Maybe 400cc-550cc two strokes, 450cc-750cc four strokes? That sounds good to me.

Could you imagine a YZ650F or YZ750F? That would be quite the ride! :) Would the front wheel EVER touch the ground?

Oh and of course, the 500 two strokes must be updated! I think there still is room on the market for them! They could haul azz with updates. I know that if Honda had the 500 motor in the aluminum frame, I'd be on one.

As for the 125cc class, well I think that should be left as a beginner class. Its like watching 140lb guys riding 80cc bikes in bigger frames. :D

And if you've never ridden a 500cc two stroke, you haven't lived yet.

Just my 2 cents.




u miss understood i wasnt being nasty at all.

i was just thinking for me i'd prolly prefer the power toned and smoothed down a bit,,,so it would be less likely to catch me out

Unfortunatly, for 2002, the CR500 is no longer in the lineup. It will be missed.

I'm sure that Kawasaki will follow suit, if not this year, maybe next. Get one while you can.


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Thankyou for your apology. I did think that you were having a go at me.

Some people do like flywheel weights and the way they "Robb" the power delivery in the low end. If you ever feel the need to change the weight of the flywheel do it in stages and don't just rely on the 'off the shelf' weights.You may prefer lighter or heavier weights depending on the type of conditions and event.

Why not wait till the 2002 bikes come out and either buy a 450 YZ - CR or even pick up a second hand CR500AF ?

Good luck. :)


Because golf courses can be MX tracks! :D

<font color="navy">Well, that does it. I'm very sad to see that Honda is stopping production of the 500.

There is still a market for 500 two strokes, if Honda would have spent a little time updating them :) but they haven't.

I'm a firm believer that the only TRUE man's bike is an open 500 two stroke. These YZ426s are one hell of a bike, but there nothing like the hit of a 500 two stroke. If you've never ridden one, you seriously need to.

I wish the AMA would bring back the open class. Racing has not been the same since they dropped it in '94. What should have been dropped was the 125 class. The open class should have been the main race.

What more can we do, but hope for a revival of the open class. Maybe then, we'll see the 500 two strokes again. A new breed.



I talked to Dave at Service Honda yesterday. There is about an 8 day wait for the CR500AF. They have about 12 more for 2001. He said that they will still produce them for 2002, but due to more R&D time needed because of the new frames, the price is going to be over $8,000!!!!! Long live the big red beast!!!!!


Mr. Wizard says: "Go BIG, or go home!"

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