Kx 85.vs.Crf 150r

I have a choice between a Kx 85 modded with a pipe grapichis kit general bling or a stock crf150r. Both for motorcross. help?

Oh man thats a pretty hard choice. I rode both bikes and i like them both but too bad im too big for them.

One thing i notice is that the 150r has more torque, and i noticed i can get around the track a lot quicker especially in the turns. But the kx85 just pulls forever in the mid and top. Lets just say it pulled a 4th gear wheelie with a 195lb kid on it.

One good thing about the kx85 is the cheap maintence, no valves, nothing.

If it were me i would take the kx85 because its just as quick and plus i had more fun on it too and thats what riding is about.

yep id get the kx as well two strokes are more fun to ride, but get what ever suits you best

Yea we were offered 5995 for the kx and 6300 for the honda

Man that's pretty expensive but I'd buy the kx

KX for sure

It depends, what do you have experience riding?

Never rode a Kx, but I owned a CR85 before getting the 150R

Before that I started on the Honda F line of bikes.

Going from the 4t to the 2t was a whole new world. A wold that at that time I didn't care much for.

So I'd say personally if you have the experience with the 4t's and don't mind paying more to maintain it ... then go with the 150R


butttt if you're coming off the 2t's then maybe the kx85's for you?

Just a thought thought what's your height/weight/class

maybe a kx100? might give you more room to grow/play?

There are tons of 150R and 150RB's still at dealers here in the states.

I got a KTM 85 for my 14 y/o and now I want/he wants a 150RB.

I had 85 before it was stolen and yeah lookin for a new one parents want to invest me in this sport so ive bin leaning towards the 85:)

I have a YZ85 and its Fast, Fun and Light, just like every 2 stroke.

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