Using the Rear Brake

Hi Guys,

I have just got a KX100 (2 Stroke) and I realized I hardly ever use the rear brake!

When and how should I use it?

Thanks and ATB


Every time you come in to a turn, more braking power means you can come in harder. At least you aren't struggling with using the front brake, I used to never use the front brake.

Every time you come in to a turn, more braking power means you can come in harder. At least you aren't struggling with using the front brake, I used to never use the front brake.

I use the front brake to slow down instead of the front brake, I just feel more confident using the front brake.

Should I start to use the back brake more?


Glad this came up. I am new to dirt riding. I've spent most of my time on sportbikes doing trackdays and some roadracing. I'm ALL about the front brake. This weekend was my 4th ride on my bike. I was thinking I should ask for some advice on when to use which brake and such. Guess I need to start thinking about using the rear more.

Use both brakes coming in to the corner, along with your engine rpm's to slow you down, meaning don't pull the clutch, and learn how to not lock up your rear brake to keep the bike running.

use more front brake, and use back brake to tap when your front end starts rising in mid air over jumps

I use both. Front brake to keep me straight when coming hard to the turn and the rear brake to add help to the slow down. On the front first and brake tap or steady until I get to what I need to. I'm on a 2t also and don't have the 4t engine brake but sometimes use the gears to slow me down (the chatter of the chain).

Sure, you can manage fine with only the front, but you will never be as fast as using both. You should try to use front, rear, and engine braking all to your advantage if you want to be as fast and controlled as you can.

I havent went to a track yet on my cr 125 but i just realized i have used my front brake like twice since i got it haha

Use that front brake! Otherwise you will never be fast in to corners, or you will wish you did when you jump the berm. It can be intimidating, but it's great when you learn how.

I use front and rear coming into corners and use the rear by itself to slide the bike around a tight berm/bend while carrying good speed. Its a good tip to dab your rear brake if your in the air off a jump and your front wheel is too high, it'll bring the back end of the bike up to help you position better for landing.

I read once that dragging the rear brake into a corner will help keep the front end from washing out. Does the rear brake actually help the front track predictably in mid turn, or was the author simply implying that the rear brake was a safer more stable brake to use turning in to a corner than the front, thus helping the front not wash out?

putting too much pressure on the front brake can make your front end knife under you if you don't know how to do it properly. that being said, if you lock up the rear, you have a greater chance of the bike becoming nervous and twitchy, especially if you are leaned over at all. both at the same time, learning the feel of each and how it makes the bike react, that will make you faster, and, heh, slower, when appropriate.

front and rear brake together helps you slow to the speed you will need in the corner. A simple trick I used to do is fly into a corner pull front and rear brake to slow, release the front and let the rear slightly slide into the inside of the corner to Brake Slide into it, fan the clutch to get you driving forward after. If you practice this it is a great tool.

The simple answer is you should use the rear brake whenever you're not on the gas. You're either braking or accelerating, never coasting.

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