Which EG295 Powerband?

Ok I am officially going for it but I am totally over the barrel on going "mo-better" or "mid/upper". Also still debating pump vs race fuel. It is going out later today or tommorow. I am a 200 lb vet expert that rides a lot of faster sandy Michigan motocross tracks and similar trails in the North with a little single track thrown in. Any advice/opinions?

Hi there

If you have access to racefull always and plentiful go for it. I would take the all over broader powerband. I think any lack; top or bottom will come back eventually and haunt you.

Good luck


Go with the mid to top as you will get plenty of extra bottom from the increase in cc

I agree with BRM.......But I went with the "better everywhere" since Eric wanted me to try that first. After using it, there was no way I was sending it back since it was so good.

It is better everywhere, including top, so you dont give up anything by using this porting.

I went with #2 mid to top. I still gained more than I need down low and it hits like a freight train up top. I'm curious to dyno it because it is ridiculously strong up top.

I went with pump gas since I ride quite a bit 2-3 times a week in the desert and 1-2 a month at the track. If you send him an extra head you can get one for each. Next time I'm due for a piston I might send him the head off my backup cylinder and see if it makes a noticeable difference.

I've got the 2 original versions...enduro and MX. Both have strong bottoms and mids but the MX version is much stronger on top. I see no reason to get anything but the MX version.

Thank's guys! I was gonna go "mo-better" but was really in the back of my mind wanting the top to be knarly for a lot of riding that I do. It is going to have to wait though because the money I had earmarked just got spent on a new pressurized water tank and well pump repairs at my home sweet home. It will be MX for me when I re-scrape up the cash!

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