Drug store knee braces/supports

Are these over the counter knee brace/supports worth a poop, or are they just snake oil? I have a bad knee, which I highly suspect is a miniscus tear. Had one before in the other knee, this one not as bad. Went to the doctor, then for Xrays, now waiting to see a specialist. Went for my first ride of the year on Sun, and wasn't really bothered by it, but afterwards was stiff, swollen, and quite sore. Would one of these braces/supports help until I find out what's going on or are they just a waste of money?

The drug store ones will give you a bit of support and make it more tolerable until you can get it fixed. If you have a plan, ask your Doc to prescribe a CTI (they can do so prior to any surgery, and after surgery you'll want a brace anyhow). I've had one knee done so far but they're both damaged and the braces are a must for me. PM me if you want to talk more. Good luck with it.

I used one from the Target Pharmacy with the Metal Stability on the side before I got my prescription Asterisk Cell's :thumbsup:

im selling a brand new set of evs webbs for 400. They retail for 750...

I do have insurance, and I was planning to talk to the specialist about braces. Just wish this would happen soon. It's been almost a month now with pretty much constant pain. Most times it feels like someone hit me in the inside of the knee with a golf club, then kicked me in the thigh for the charlie horse.

Hello, what size and price please ?

thanks, hugo

Now I have to wait 2 months just to have my eyes tested to see if I can have an MRI! Ya, I'm a little pizzed!

Ah Canadian healthcare............The new American model, you to can wait months for a simple arthroscopy.

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