TTR125..what changes over the years?

Can someone school me on tt125s?

I know l are big wheel, disk brake,

Were there any changes over the years.?

I'm going to look at a 2000 that has sat unused.

But I have the money for a newer one, can anyone tell me upgrades and when they came? Or are they all pretty much the same?

Google, and search is the best thing invented since sliced bread, but people can't seem to use em anymore.... Just Google it, you will find so much.

Thanks that was so useful. Google is only so useful, not going to put me in contact with an owner.

and some have electric start ..........

And here is a 2005, with all the specs.... you just have to compare side to side, its super easy using guess what? Google... sorry if I sound like a douche but I'm tired of kids wanting everything handed to them on a silver platter, without doing any research.

Hope it helped

It's fine to sound like a douche if you produce a good link....

I'm sorry is that sarcasm? Bottom line is if your not going to be greatfull get your ass to a phone and call a dealership and ask them, or call yamah them selves.... erragant punks these days....

The front fender and carb changed a little around 2008.

No matter what forum you're on, whether you're talking about bikes, cars, lace doilies, etc, someone will say "do a search"

That defeats the whole purpose of interacting with others.

People that say do a search are struggling to understand the interactive nature of asking exact questions, and I think they do it to position themselves as a superior being who is condescending to others.

If you don't like the question, or it is beneath you, pass! Saying do a search is something only a disrespectful tool says. There is a much more polite way to suggest that a subject has been discussed to death, and direct them to a link.

The difference between a high school student? And an accomplished individual is apparent.

Back on topic...

It's simple enough for those of us that have researched it, a common courtesy - no secrets.

2002 they changed the rear hub, to beef it up. In 2003 they added the e start option. In 2008 they changed up the plastics, tank, and seat - and made the carb a push/pull throttle.


Thanks all,

Picked up a 2005 for my boy last night, I'm sure he will love it.

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