Scotts Damper - Best Sub Mount Setup

I got spoiled on my last bike with a low mount Scotts Damper. With my new bike (KX250F) there is now low mount option. I want to run a bar bad and keep the handle bar rise as low as possible. What are my options? What bend on handlebar should I look at?

The stock bars is a Carmicheal bend Renthal 7/8 bar that is 99 mm tall. The SUB mount is going to add 25mm of height so you need to get a lower bar to compensate. The SUB mount also comes set up for 1 1/8 bars so if you get the Carmicheal ProTaper EVO bars they are 77mm tall you are only adding 3mm of height. The RM LOW Pro Taper EVO bar is 74mm tall with comparable pullback/sweep. I dont see anything else lower to bring the bar height lower than stock.



:thumbsup: Great info, thanks.

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