Brake trouble.


I'm baffled, I've cleaned the brakes on the DRZ, removed the seals and pistons, replaced them, refitted the caliper and added a braided hose. the brake fluid pumps through ok with no bubbles but I cannor get the pistons to move and make contact with the disc. Any help appreciated



Squeeze pistons right back into the caliper. Now reverse bleed the system thru' the bleed nipple using a syringe & tubing.

If there are no visible leaks of fluid then you have air in the system, it is possibly withing the loop of cable which is higher than the brake res.

Remove the caliper from the stantion, and pull through the cable until the brake fluid res is at the highest point of the system.

Remove the lid from the top of the break res, and pull the brake lever see if any bubbles come into the res through the outlet hole. (May be worth tapping the braided line while your at it to loosen any trapped air)

Once your confident no air is trapped in the line, then re attach the caliper and loosen the break bleed valve on top.

If you have some then slip a piece of clear tubing over the bleed nipple so that you can effectively open and close the valve by placing your thumb over the end (like you would a garden hose).

Now pump the lever until fluid is pulsing up the tube and then shut the bleed nipple off.

Top up the brake res (never let it drain empty - or you have to go through this whole thing again).

Put the res cap on and job jobbed.

- taping on and/or flick your finger at the brake line, front is way harder to blead than rear because the front brake lines run more veridical. tap the master and caliper, light, really light, with a rubber mallet you may have traped air bubbles, the rubber o-rings in the caliper are one way, tapered on one side? there is only one way. are they right? I rebuild my master and caliper at the same time I do the brake line,,, dont re-do one and not the other, you will just be back into it if you dont,,, and I soak all my stuff in the brake fluid before the build, it will help swell up the seals and dipping/soaking the master and caliper will help with air bubbles not sticking to the side/wall because was it dry,,,, i used at min, 32 oz for this maybr 64 oz, all new! it is acid and will pull water into it, so always use new! never old! new means: off the shelf, fresh seal on the bottle and not two weeks old! it's no fun when you brake fail, this should help resolving the A.F.R. issue just before inpack when you brake fail,,,

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