Help!! Another noob question.

Hello everyone, so I have visited the forum several times, and I tried a quick search but was unable to find the answer I was looking for. I just picked up a 2007 drz sm last Friday, I am looking at putting a set of cycra pro bend hand guards on it like I have on my quad. So my question is, how to I get the inserts out of the end of the bars so I can slide the cycra end in to it? I unscrewed the end, just not sure how to get the female part out. Any advise will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

screw a bolt in there and pull

screw a bolt in there and pull

I threaded the bolt back in and gave it a yank or two to see if I could pull it out, didn't budge, but I didn't get real physical with it either. I'll give it another try this evening, I just didn't want to buger the end up.

You can hit up wheeling cycle they sell the inserts for the zeta hangaurds which are pretty much the cycra gaurds..

at the shop i used to work at we ran into this problem alot and we used to just put the bar in a vise and pull on the bolt with a slide hammer.

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