TTR 125 Jetting High altitude?

What are you guys running for jets in your TTR 125 for Higher altitude? My daughter will be doing most of her riding in the 5000-7500 ft. I've opened the airbox and cleaned the carb. I have 17.5 pilot but am wondering about the main.


102.5 for 5K and above.

That's three sizes leaner than the 110 main that works well at sea level.

Using the standard conversion of one jet size for every 2,000 feet, that gets you right on.

Don't know about teh 125 but our 230s run great up to about 9000ft with stock jets. Between 9000 and 9500 there is a loss of power but we could still run.

They absolutely will run, it's just a matter of being optimized versus good enough.

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