brake pads for mud...lots of mud

What kind of brake pad is best to use in the mud. I don't have a solid rear rotor, so I know that's not helping, but I had a set of EBC's chewed up from brand new to nothing in one harescramble. I saw pro's running the same rotor as me, ie. not solid, and I doubt they went half the race without pads.

What about up front, do disc protectors help direct some of the mud off, or am I just going to overheat more quickly?

Find a hard compound brake pad. You will lose some stopping power but they will last longer. The disc protectors are vented so you shouldn't have any problems with overheating. I had a cr with the disc protector and it helped alot with the mud.

Check out EBC, they make pads for a variety of different riding situations.

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