01 CR250 steering stab mount

Cant seem to find a mount for my scotts steering stabalizer. I want to mount it under the bars and cant seem to find the frame mounted post.

i used a Gpr post and a scott mount, scott stabilizer on a rg3 triple clamp. I don't know if you will be able to mount it under the bars, you may have to mount it on top. Call Gpr and they maybe able to help you out. The center of the stabilizer needs to be directly over the steering stem or you could make the seal on the stabilizer leek so when you mount it if it is just alittle off you can use a rubber hammer to adjust the post, it's metal so it will bend just alittle.

thanks. I have found the under bar mount for 02 and up and I have 04 tripple clamps so im good there just couldent find the post

ill call gpr and see what I can come up with I wasnt aware that they were compatable.

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