Need 2001 RM250 specs

I am swapping some RM250 forks onto my DR650 and I don't have an FSM for 01 RMs so I am pleading for some help. I need to know the fork oil level for the forks, and how to measure them. I've read anywhere between 80mm - 130mm. I'm wondering what the actual factory manual states is the stock oil level. Also I think you measure them collapsed with the spring out but wanted to make sure. Thanks!

Collapsed, spring out, rod up and I use 100mm. 100 is a good for me on MX. I also run 7wt oil. 10wt gives it a harsh bottom feel off a jump and a little ruff in the braking bumps. You mite like 5wt, but too soft for me and also your slapping the RM forks on a 650. I think you would be happy with 7wt. Cickers at 9 comp, 8 reb.

No thats not out of a book. Its from bloody knuckels tuning, trial and error.

awesome thanks for the input, I'll let you know how it works out. :thumbsup:

one more newb question. how much oil will I need. From the figuring I've done it looks like 1 quart will just barely be enough. Is that correct?

You will need to get 2 quarts. You wont need very much of the second quart. Some measure it out in cc, but I don't. Make sure you move the rod up and down to air it out and then fill just a little over what you know will be more than 100mm. I use a turkey baster with a hose on it cut to 100mm. Move the hose down the tube untill it reaches the end and suck. Thats 100mm, can't go wrong.

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