Happy Trails Davenport


Don't remember seing this spot on the W2R section before. Maybe Just seemed far.

Happy Trails west of Orlando, http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/viewarea.php?t=880679

Is this area really a ride for free area? If so does anyone have any good info on it? Think I may try it out Sunday but 2 hour or more trip for me.

Appreciate any intel on it and thank you in advance.

Nothing like giving the LEO's all the info + directions!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:


Didn't mean to draw attention to it. I guess LEO means Law Enforcement Officer. Plenty of info in W2R just want to be sure it's still ridable. Riding areas around JAX will be open one week and a housing devlopment the next.

the area is completey whooped out with sugar sand. if you ride on the side of the road where the hill climb is you shouldnt have any problems. If you ride on the other side of the road you could get into some problems if the law shows up. There are very large signs on the roads that lead back to that side that make it very clear you can not ride there. You will not see those signs from where you park. Just some FYI

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