DR 350 rear shock oil

Hi everyone, i rebuilding a 1993 dr 350 from A to Z. yesterday i remove the air bottle from the rear shock and all the oil fall out. So i'd check in my suzuki manual and they dont give specs for the rear shock oil grade and capacity. So what kind of oil goes in theres and how much do i put in it ?? Also, did i refilled in the hole were the air bottle goes ??

Thanks !!

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The procedure for refilling is a little more complicated than just adding oil -- you will need to bleed all of the air out.

JCalis did a wonderful write-up here on rebuilding the rear shock to add Race-Tech gold valves. View it at http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=723129

I did mine a few weeks ago (just the rebuild, without the Gold Valves) and it feels much better. The oil that came out was milky (and 18 years old!)

thanks !! I check that link you give me and it might have a easiest way to put new oil and bleed the shock absorber ??? And what kind of oil you put in it ??

You need shock oil, 10wt should be good -- don't confuse it with fork oil, it is different.

thanks again !! my local suzuki dealer have the 10 wt shock oil in stock but it said for use with shock and fork !! is it any good ??

So long as it says shock oil, you should be OK.

Silkolene and probably some others make an oil that can be used for both.

I just get some oil to refill my shock today!! I finally get the 3WT, i dont know where you get that a dr 350 1993 need 10WT in the rear shock but the guys there show me the spec directly from the suzuki book and its 3WT oil that goes in the rear shock (stock).

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