09 crf450 question

Im looking at trading for one, i just wondered if they are good bikes.this one has 9 hrs!i do some mx,and mainly hare scrambles.thanks for any advice..

I've never ridden anything that turnes better or feels lighter (250 and up).

My bike has yet to hit the ground. I used to go down occasionally on my other bikes do to front end wash outs. this has yet to happen on this bike and it still has the stock front tire.

It is also very tunable. you can reprogram (or have it done) the ECU to run the way you need it to.

Some say you have to spend a ton on the suspension. I can tell you this, I went from an 06 crf450 and the only suspension mod I used was a 7/8ths lowering link. (I'm 215)

It's better than My 06 in every way except 1. High speed straight line stability. but you cannot have a great turning and rock stable bike all in one.

I'll never go back to the "boats" again.

Cool,so your a bigger guy?? reason i ask is the other things ive heard is that the ergos on this bike are very compact and the thing feels small??And that for taller riders it would feel cramped??Im 6-1" 175..Oh ya,i used to have a 04 crf450r that was a beast.now i have 08 KTM 300 thats trick as they get,i just miss the grunt of the 4t..

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