waterpump housing question

What's up TT this is my first post here so I'll give a litlle backround info on myself and my bike. Fell in love with kx450 in 06. I bought an 06 model new and rode it for 4 years, put hundreds of hours on it with no major problems and loved every minute. Last year I had to sell my 06 to help pay for a new work truck.

Anyway I just picked up an 07 and have been dialing everything in for the last couple days. The PO put some nice parts on it, but his maintenence regiment was so so. I just replaced the water pump seals impeller shaft gaskets to stop the weep hole leak.

The PO put on a cheap aluminum water pump housing cover and it leaks like a siv when no gasket sealer is used. Anyone else have this prob? I'm assuming the cheap aluminum cover has warped a lil? I'm going desert riding in Ut this weekend and don't want any leaks. Whats the best sealant to use for this application until I can find a stock cover??


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