exhaust & jetting


i am looking for a slip on exhaust for my 06 ltz 400 what do you all recommend i don't want cheep but don't want to spend a lot of money. also does any one know how to rejett it . the ATV store wants $170.00 to rejett it when it only cost $6.00 for the part?????? go figure

Pipe - Id look into a FMF, Pro Circuit, DG, any top brand exhaust will be a success.

As for the jetting, the reason they charge $170 is because if you want to do it right, remove the carb completely from the bike, install everything correctly put it back in and make sure it runs great, if not they will do everything over again and make it right, with you doing it it just takes some time, its hit an miss, you will get frustrated but in the end its all worth it! Best of luck to you!

I always go FMF! Full system if you want to do it right.

Be sure your "parts", includes an adjustable needle!

Jetting is more art than science. Sure, a pipe manufacturer will suggest some jet sizes, but that is just a place to start. An experienced technician needs to put it all together, ride it, and decide if it needs changes or not. If YOU want to get some experience jetting, I would NOT suggest starting with the Z.

why fmf why not hmf and the suggestion of starting with z i don't understand

FMF is a reliable brand and they know what there doing. I havnt had one problem with them. I run a full fmf on all 3 of my bikes. Highly recommended!

thank you i will look into FMF

hey guys i found hmf full system for $350 and compared it to the fmf powercore4 system with the added power-bomb header at $500 i know you say fmf is better. but do you think this would work for my z400. and i will have the jetting done by a professional. i am not cheep i just want to get the best bang for my $$$$.

FMF has been around for 40 years, and they have access to R&D that most companies could never afford. Look at how many companies have copied some version of the PowerBomb! FMF owns the patent, but has never enforced it.

Funny how HMF comes along much later, and uses a name so similar to FMF....

thank you for all the info i will be looking more in to FMF full exhaust and when i get it i will give you an update on how i like it . thanks again

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