Odd Problem...

This is for all you into vintage bikes. I havge a 1979 Yamaha Enduro 80....

It has been sitting for quite sometime. I went through the carb and put a new plug in and it will start but jump to full rpm and will only stay running at wide open... It will die anything under wide open and so I double checked the carb... you never know if some dirt freed up.. and it was perfect. I would say I am ususally pretty good with carbs on all the rest of my bikes and quads but this has me stumped... any help would be greatly appriciated thanks in advance...


try taking out all the jets and sticking wire all the way through them and any passage you can manage to fit a peice of wire. sometimes carb cleaner and air just wont do it.

did that lol 2 times...

air leak. Most likely at gasket surfaces, but could be crank seals; they aren't new and pliable anymore. You can make them come back to life for a short time by filling the crankcase with mineral spirits and let soak over the weekend. The turn the bike over and drain it out, it will soften the seals for a little while. You'll want to add some oil to the crank bearings and rod before starting, mineral spirits aren't too good for lubrication. It would be best to pull the head and cylinder for this, and use new gaskets. Be sure to bleed the autolube pump, sometimes they have air in them.

I'd avoid putting anything harder than a piece of wood in jets. Use a good solvent and compressed air. Check the small holes in the carb body that the pilot jet feeds, they're probably plugged.

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