1972 SL125 ignition swap to be Battery-less

I've tried the vintage forum on this but haven't found any soild facts, most was 2nd to third hand info. I have a 72 SL125 4 stroke, it must have the battery to fire and run. It runs fine but I would like to get away from the battery. The bike I have is used for mx only, so lights and anything else are removed. The XL125 model that came out after the SL in 74-75 did not have to have a battery to run. Can the ign's be swapped out? Some people remove certain coils off the SL stator but I'm trying to keep it simple. Thanks

Did you try and remove the battery and install a large capacitor (AKA 'Battery Eliminator')?

Remove the SL ignition, install the XL ignition and you are good to go. Swap the coils also because the SL is a DC coil and the XL is an AC coil.

I've had a xl125 stator on hold, now I'll pick it up. Thanks for the help. John

I had a sl100 I just put in a big capcitor and it worked just fine. I think it was 22,000mfd. Cost around $20. Make sure it is rated for at least 50 volts. That system does not have a voltage reg.

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