15w50 oil in KTM 350sx-f

Hey guy's, I was just wondering what everyone is using in their 350's for oil, as far as weight and all is concerned. I know KTM suggests the 10w60, but I happen to have a new gallon of 15w50 Maxima Extra4 sitting around. Would you, or do any of you, use it?

I am in no way a oil expert, but I think that the maxima is a way better oil to run than the Motorex. From what I have found, the motorex 10/60 is on the thin side of 10/60's, actually closer to a 10/50. That maxima is an exellent oil. I would probably use it as my primary oil. I use redline 10/40( closer to a 10/50) with a little 20/50 added to thicken it up a little. Redline and MAxima are Ester based oils, "true synthetics" THat Maxima is regarded as some of the best oil, period. Check out the bobistheoilguy.com website. search it. Tons of oil geeks on there and they generally regard Maxima ester and Redline ester oils as some of the best oils, period. just expensive.

Im running, Maxima 4 blend 20/50 in 08 xc-f rebuilt to 280. Sometime in the fall I will switch to the 10/40 of the same oil for cold weather. My machanic tells me only run Maxima, Silkolene, or Golden Spectro oils. He said Maxima is the best.

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