Part it out? 2006 YZ250F

I'm looking get get some perspective from others...

First off, thank you to all of you who have been providing me with help over the past week. I burned up the piston and cylinder on my 2006 YZ250F. Right now I'm looking at a top end kit, cylinder replacement, and a valve job. When I add all of this up, I don't know if it makes sense to put that kind of money into this bike. I paid $2,200 for it back in 2009. It's a low hour, very clean 250F. If my valves are bad, it looks like that repair alone would probably around $700. You add the top end kit and the new cylinder, and we are looking at over $1,000.

I don't race, and I don't need the latest and greatest. I just need a bike to ride to spend time with my boys. The thought of sticking $1,000 plus into it isn't real exciting.

What I'm wondering is if anyone can give me perspective on how much I may be able to recover if I parted the bike out? Is this a feasable option, or am I just wasting my time? I looked at pricing for components on Ebay, and if I could get in the ballpark of what those parts are going for, I could recover a good amount of $.

Has anyone actually done this and come out ok? Is there a decent market for the parts?

i think you could probably get 1500 to 2k out of your bike if you sold EVERYTHING at the right price. if you did get 1500 then you could get a nice little 125 for that

Parting out the rolling chassis will most likely get you around $1500 I'd say, but it will take a lot of time to get that money, as some things will take a long time to sell (if they ever do sell). If all you need is a valve job, cylinder, and top end and you are doing the work yourself then it won't cost that much to fix it. You can get a new cylinder for $200, and a top end (new piston, rings, gaskets, etc) for $150. You can get all 5 OEM valves, springs, and retainers for $300, then figure around $100 to get the seats cut. If you put it together you will have $750 in it.

Now if you want to go even cheaper (though I'm not sure if this is the route I would go) you can take a risk on finding a used cylinder in good shape on ebay for $100. I seem to remember you saying that your intake valves were tight but the exhausts were still in spec, so you could just replace the intake valves and only get those seats cut, that will save you another $150 or so over replacing all of the valves. This will put you in at around $500 to have a running bike again.

One more thing, call a Yamaha dealer and see if the valve recall has been done on your bike yet (they can look up the VIN and tell you). If not then they will replace your intake valves for free.

Do the work yourself for about 800... including new valves.

Couldn't you just shim the valves for now and at the end of the season decide if you wanna sell it or replace the valves?

/\/\/\ That's what my cheap, broke ass would do

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