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Keihin swapped 250 '06

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So i swapped the carb on my Honda cr 250 2006 to the carb from the Suzuki rm 250 2003, a Keihin pwk 38 with TPS and powerjet, everything looked fine in the new carb, wired up the TPS and it seems to be working, i also plugged the powerjet just to be sure that it wouldnt give any extra gas or something...

But when i fired it up it sounds like a dishwasher and it gets waay to much fuel (oil pouring out of the exhaust), i put a smaller main in it..ran the same, fixed some with the air screw no difference, moved the clip up on the needle and no difference there either.

I had already ordered the JDjetting kit a few days ago so i was waiting on it, thought that it would fix everything, but absolutely no difference there.

When i shut the fuel off and let it run it runs very good for some seconds until the fuel is out...And it also runs good with the old carburetor.

The float level also seems to be ok (dont know how to adjust it though), have had the carb in pieces 4-5 times, cant find anything wrong with it........

Just want to get it running with this new carb...


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