I need some advice from you guys really bad

I really do not know much about these engines so any help you can give me would be appreciated.

I bought a used 2007 kx250f bike for my son’s birthday this month. I had the kaz shop replaced the front fork seals, but everything else seems to be ok. He rode the bike for about three, but started having problems with the shifter. I took the bike back to the kaw shop and they found the problem. There was a small crack inside the case at the hole where the shifter is. The service manager said the case will need to be replaced or if we are luckly he maybe able to have it welded. We talked about the cost of replacing the case and the prices was what I thought seemed high. The case is $425.00 plus seals, bearings, head gaskets, and labor. The total was like $1400.00.

I only paid $1800.00 for the bike. What would you do and why. They are pulling the motor out of the bike to send it to the welder shop to see if he can weld it. Should I go this route or go ahead and bite the bullet and replace the case while it is off the bike? If the weld doesn’t hold I’m back to jacking with this crack again. If you had the case off what new parts would you install while it is a part? The prices will a little higher because it is at a dealer for this work. They are really close to my house.

It going to suck putting all this cash in a 2007 bike. If I had it to do over again, I could have picked up a 2010 for the cash I will have in this older bike.:thumbsup:

Decisions ,.. decisions, what should I do??? :thumbsup:



Well, IDK what that dealer is smoking but you really are NOT supposed to only replace one half of the case on a kawi. They are machined to be a perfect set, so if one sides broke, you need both the left and the right. Yes, people have done it with one before and its been alright, but I'm really surprised a kawi dealer woudl recommend it. Somebody should be able to weld the thing, i've seen some gnarly stuff welded up on cases before.

he said a set of cases for 400 bucks thats right it's both cases..

Yes the $425.00 was for both sides.

So you guys think welding it up is the way to go?

You can get new cases on ebay for 379 shipped. I have an 07, and earlier this year i replaced both cases, every bearing, seal, clutch push rod, clutch basket/inner hub (used), ended up being around $650. I did it all in my garage, and it was my first time pulling apart the engine, not tought if you have patience, organization skills, and cyclepedia of course.

I contimplated about parting it out and picking up something newer, but honestly, you won't find an 08+ bike for under 2500-3k. Okay maybe you can, people like to argue to no end on here, but either way, you are still getting a USED bike, that will most likely need motor work sooner than later. Less used bikes will sell for a lot more than that as well.

Also look at the bike in a whole, mine is super clean, had fresh tires, fresh forks, low hours, so i clearly wasn't ready to put it in the grave for a small engine repair. I wouldn't dump $650-1000k into a bike for cases thats going to need head work, piston/cylinder within a year.

Another option is to buy all your oem parts from rockymountain or somewhere similar, i garauntee your dealer is charging you retail price, which is asinine. Once you get all your parts, find somewhere with cheaper labor rates to build it. Heck check your local classifieds, i betcha there are great in home mechanics who would do it for half the price. Changing cases isn't as big of a deal as most make it out to be, at least i didn't think so. Anyhow, back to work.

Yes the $425.00 was for both sides.

So you guys think welding it up is the way to go?

If it's just a crack under the shifter, i would definitely try it before replacing cases.

Thanks for your response. I talked to the dealer today and he was taking the case to the welder later today. I should know something soon.

If I hear back from the welder he cannot weld it, what parts should I replace in the lower case IF I have to buy a new one?

Crank Bearing and what?????:thumbsup:


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