2008 kx450 a decent woods bike?

I'm looking at a nice 08 kx450 with 10 hours on it tomorrow and was wondering if there is anything to look out for? I'm 220lbs and a fast C or slow B rider in enduro and hairscrambles but really don't race anymore. I'll be using the bike mostly on 4 wheeler type trail and single track trail riding with friends majority of the time with a little brush busting mixed in. I was wondering if people make any gearing changes or add flywheel wieghts to make them better in the trees. Any input is appreciated.:thumbsup:

Track bikes make great Woods bikes. You are best to modify a few things, like suspension valving, gearing, or going to auto-clutch.

I use my '08 for single track, and it's fantastic.

Mild woods riding they are perfect , for very technical riding add an overflow radiator bottle , I fitted a rekluse clutch and its like cheating in the tight stuff .

Shimmed the forks so not so harsh .

best mod for yoy will be a different radiator cap from outlaw racing so she doesn't get hot on you - something like $20.

Thanks for the replies guys. Going to look at it tonight after work.

i race harescambles in open B and ride a lot of single track in stock form the kx would boil over sometimes in the very technical stuff, i added engine ice and a boyesen waterpump cover and impeller and it never happened again. That and a rekluse z start pro are the 2 best mods besided guards in my opinion for off road

I have been running Amsoil antifreeze in my ktm300 and have never had a boil over even when other bikes have been steaming in the same conditions using engine ice. I think I'll fill the radiators with that first since I have half a gallon at home right now, it is very similar to engine ice. Then I'll look into that boyesen water pump if I have any further issues. That is of course if I'm able to work out a deal on this bike.

I had to make the move to engine Ice so far It has been working good. I added a 13oz flywheel weight from stealthy smoothed things out alot really helped in the tight stuff. I would deffinatly look into a hydro clutch. I am about the same size a you and I am finding the bike more and more capable woods machine everytime I ride it It will definatly keep you In good shape muscling the bike around but you will be able to handel it.

Well the 2008 turned out to be a big pile of junk, still on the hunt. I've been finding some great deals on 2006's but I'm a little leary of the 4 speed tranny for offroad, should I be?

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