Homemade clutch pushrod

I am having problems finding a hardend pushrod at Ridemx and another person told me he made one out of a screwdriver. Is this possible. I have broken 2 clutch pushrods already. I just bought the bike, the previous owner just installed a new complete clutch, basket and all. I am stumped.:thumbsup:

Hi there

yes it is possible I did it and now I use a push rod made from steel.



Call a reputable machine shop and take the broken rod to them, have them sell you some tool steel, (stress proof 1144 grade I think) of the necessary length.. Then dress the ends and put it in... :thumbsup:

Yamaha OEM ???

Is your bike a 05 or a 06 yz125?

If your answer is yes your bearing holding the gear shaft that the pushrod goes through are worn(along with the rest of bearings in transmission). This happens when the bearngs go on the shift stop lever.

Cheap fix if you know how to split cases and your gears are not chip. Around $80 or so for new bearings and $12 for new shift stop lever

Yamaha OEM ???

Mushroomed 2 in 2 month, rather a copy in steel, takes longer to mushroom :thumbsup: hopefully never.



It is a 2007 Yz125.

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