help me decide-ktm 250 xcf-w or crf-x

Which would you buy...

a 2008 brand new honda CRF 250-x for $5,100 or a 2009 KTM XCF-W with the $1,000 add on kit (silencer, filters, skid plate, 2 tires,etc...)with only 9 hours on it for $6,000.

I am 6' 3", 190 pound and will be doing primarily trail riding in colorado.

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Both bikes seem pricey to me.

OK, that is the asking price. I'm sure I could negotiate a little. All else being the same, which would you get?

I would consider the ktm. You should be able to get a leftover 09 x for around the same price as they are asking for the 08. Same exact bike as the 08 but a year newer which will help the resale (white back fender too) you cant go wrong with either of these bikes though. I have the 09 450x and my buddy has the 09 250x. No valve issues or any other issues with our bikes...

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