Old Cylinder ?

Need some advice, you guys may know what to do with a old cylinder but i have no ideal. This is off a 2004 250, used bike. When i took it apart to redo the top end because it was a used bike, I noticed that it was worn not a lot but some of the nickel was worn off. Not good, so i sent it off to millennium tech so they could re-nickel it. Well there was a small crack in between the port, they could weld the crack and re-nickel it for 250$. I didn't like that it had a crack to weld so i just paid they 420 for a new cylinder. So my question is what should i do with this old one?

Put it on ebay or in the classifieds. Someone will pick it up cheap in a pinch. Just be sure to mention the crack.

Or (probably what I would do) keep it till you have a little cash laying around and have it fixed for a spare.

I had a cylinder that I had to have the exhaust bridge welded for my Yz125 and ran it for 3 or 4 years with absolutely no issues. These engine builders really are "THAT" good anymore!

I would definitely, 100%, send it to Eric Gorr and have him make you an EG300 :thumbsup: He'll have the crack fixed (or bored past it), ported, PV shaved and head milled for quite cheap.. Then when you get tired of your new one that you just bought, you can put on the 300 and never look back.. Except at the 450's you'll be roostin !!! :thumbsup:

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