Which bike?

Since my old thread is very convoluted with information, I figured I would make a new thread with a more exact question.

I want to get a CRF250x since it seems to be the best bike with someone of my riding level (newbie) and it seems like it would be a bike that I can grow into without getting bored of it.

I found a 2004 CRF250x for $2900, I know these bikes have valve problems, but he hasn't had any issues with his in 7 years of riding, so I'm hoping that his bike is fine. I haven't gone to check it out yet, but I may be on the 30th.

I also found a 2006 CRF250x for $3400, I don't know how low I could get this guy, but assuming that he is stubborn as hell, is the extra $500 worth getting it two years newer?

Also: My friend (with riding experience) wants me to look at other bikes along with the 250x, particularly a 2000 KTM 250 sx for $2000. While the cheaper the bike the better for me, I do want this bike to be good for a newbie like me, while also being able to last a long time without getting bored of it. How would the KTM stack up?

I've done some reading and I don't think starting out on a 2stroke 250 is such a good idea anymore. But if I were to get a bike that is a little older than the 250x's what would you guys recommend?

Are you planning on moving over to a 2t latter on?

If so a kdx might not be a bad option it'll be cheaper to keep up on than the 250x

and if you're going to end up on a 2t anyway it'll help to better prepare you for that as well.

If not some of the older xr's perhaps?

Would it be a smart idea to move to a 2stroke when I'm going to be riding trails and woods?

I definitely like the sound of a 2 stroke, the reliability is nice and they're usually lighter than their 4stroke counterparts.

I've been reading about the kdx's and they seem pretty awesome, a kdx200 might be in the works.

have a look at the Yamaha WR250F

Comparing the CRF250X and the KTM 250SX is apples and oranges. The SX stands for supercross, which is basically a motocross bike, not a trail bike. They have very snappy power. I know guys that ride 250 MX bikes on the trail, but they are very skilled and it wouldnt be a good idea for a newbie. As an owner of a KDX220, I think the KDX is a good suggestion...it will cost you less to maintain in the long run than the 250F.

Right now your comparing a couple bikes that are completly different. Best thing to do would be to test a couple of bikes and see which fits you style of riding better which will help to narrow it down and then from there pick the best bike. From the x's you listed i dont think an 06 is worth 500 more then an 04 at least in my area they are not. The KDX is a Great woods bike and can usually be had for a good price, since you said you were looking to spend the least amount i would lean in this direction or possibly a ktm 200.

The CRF250X is a good bike but I wouldn't rule out the WR250F or KTM 250 XCW-F. When you talk 2 stroke, KTM 200. I really feel a 250 2 stroke is going to intimidate a new ride.

CRF250X is it... fullstop

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