Engine installation

Can anyone give me some pointers on how to get a 05 engine into it's frame. I've followed the manual but it does not seem to want to coperate. There seems to be all these little brackets welded to the frame that want to get in the way. Any help or suggeations would be greatly appriciated.

I just did my son's bike (not a 450), but along the lines of the same thing with the brackets. You have to kind of twist the engine to get it in. Start with the head of the engine high but cocked off about 20 degrees and slant it in. Sound like an easy explanation, but with the weight of the engine turned out to be a real PITA. And I had his frame powder coated so holding the engine while not trying to touch the frame. It made for some sore muscles. Good luck to you.

Note: Just read the manual and yeah they make it sound like a sinch, just install on the right side and pop it in there. Will take some twisting manuveuring and maybe a beer after words, or during depending on frustration levels.

Engine Installation into chassis

Courtesy Kelstr

You have to have the swingarm slid back and the shock off and the coil off, ---but you can leave the radiators on ----carb and subframe on ( just loosend up ---i use the subframe as a carb holder ----way less to screw with .

i leave the water pump outlet off, take out both exhaust studs , of course have the shifter and kicker off , leave off the rocker cover, and leave off the countershaft sprocket , and leave of the oil hose wire hanger ,-------then put the motor in from the rt side head first and turn it and it will go .


Thanks so much for the advice. I ended up taking off the valve cover, cam gear and rocker assy. The engine went right in like it's suppost too. You can't rely on going by the manual...

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