'05 drz400sm ignition switch issue

Just picked up this bike and im finding a good amount of issues with it.

This particular issue has to do with the ignition key switch, it has to be in just the right spot to get the lcd screen to light up, no biggie, right? Well unfortunately it is. When i pin the throttle in first, or even in the middle of a hard g turn it has killed the engine, not fun with guard rails on the outside and suddenly your engine braking (thanks pilot powers :thumbsup:). A jiggle on the key and your running again. What can i do to fix this?

spray some wd-40 in the ignition?

Couldnt hurt. Ill give it a shot.

No WD40. Once it dries out, it will gum it up. Take it to a lock smith, have him disassemble and clean it. Or do it yourself if you are capable.


You can spray it with electrical parts cleaner to flush the debris out. Remove it from the bike and spray in where the key goes. Then shake it out, holding it wrapped in paper towels. Repeat until the towles are still clean after a shaking. Let the switch sit half a day before reinstalling.

Well i took the switch out and played with it a bit. Seems it saw some impact or the plastic had become tired. The pressure of the spring in the cylinder pushed the cylinder from the contacts in acc or run, but it was fine in between the two. A metal shim and some rtv later, and the problem is solved. I also put some graphite in there for good measure. Thanks y'all.

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