Yamaha yz450F 09 with injection?

Sorry my dump question, but one of my friends say that hes yz450f 09 has fuel injection, i dont belive him cause my carburator and his "injection system" look the same? :thumbsup:

Your friend is a goober. His 09 does not have EFI, but please do us all a favor and have him prove to you that his bike is EFI and tell us what he comes up with.

Your friend is a goober.


2010 is the first year for fuel injection.

The fuel injected YZ450F is a radically different design.

Until today i thought the 09 was with injection to, but i took a close look at the carb, and diden't see any differense between his and mine bike :cheers:

I will go tell him that his bike is not fuel injected :thumbsup:

even though its not, i think it runs smoother than my 05?

mine is all stock, and his have a aftermarket exaust (can't remember the brand)

do you know wy it's running that smooth? compared to mine. :thumbsup:

Make sure he does not try and sell you blinker fluid!

If he keeps insisting that his 09 is injected, when he comes in from a moto and shuts his bike off, I'm sure he won't mind if you give his bike about 10 good twists of the throttle before he tries to re-start it, right?:thumbsup:

Well, i will tell him when i see him again :thumbsup:

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