PVC Seal Driver help Size to buy

2007 WR250F OEM forks.

I'm heading to the store and want to know which diameter pvc to buy to cut in half for a fork seal driver.

I'm going to use 2 hose clamps to secure to fork leg.

If you know please answer asap as I'm literally driving there now lol. If no answer I guess I'll just guesstimate.


1 1/2" Schedule 40 Slip coupling for the 47 and 48mm forks. You just have to file down the lip inside it and round over the edges.

Woohoo I just finished up.. only took like 6 hours lol.

So I went and got 1 1/2" and 2"

The 2" was perfect if you removed about an eight inch of material after cutting in half. I ended up using 1 1/2" and the hose clamps had to force open the radius of the pvc but still worked.

Why was my old fork oil a consistency of runny grease??? Took soooo long to get all the oil out.

Old, contaminated, dirty and neglected with a bit of water. Did you rinse it out?

OucH-- thick fork oil --

Ouch is right. Took forever to flush that crap out.

Old, contaminated, dirty and neglected with a bit of water. Did you rinse it out?

Unfortunately all I did was cycle my expensive S1 oil through it for 30 mins to flush the crap out. I am going to fabrimicate or buy a holder tool to completely break the fork down on the next change.

But after an hour or two of cycling oil through they cleaned up pretty good and hopefully last at least half this season.

You can flush out the forks with kerosene or water based solvent

like Simple Green ect then flush out water with oil base liquid--

with fork fluid like you describe its likely you have a lot of build up residue

in the bottom of fork leg -- shaking fork up and down alot or washing

with water pressure ( from Hose) will help remove crud -

Shock oil wares out perty quickly - on my MX bikes I change it out

after about 20 to 30 hours of riding or before a race--

It makes a HUGE difference -- Very Noticeable --Jay--

So from what you said, next time mix up some simple green and flush with that. and when done with that, just use some cheap fork oil to flush it further then put the good stuff in?

Or if I just completely tear them down and use said simple green to clean them up. I thought about bringing them to work to use the parts washer solvent but that stuff is pretty dark already and didnt want to make it worse.

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