Dual Sport helmet for moto

Has anybody tried using something like the Fly Trekker or the AFX FX-39 dual sport helmets for moto? I've tried about every OTG goggle I can and can't stand how goggles move my glasses around. It's hard to pick a line with your glasses moving around so much. And yes, I'm darn near blind without them. The idea of wearing a full face visor instead of goggles is intriguing. Thanks for the input.

I do own the Aria XD3 and LOVE that helmet. I have also tried on Shoei's dual-sport version helmet and it fit well. So the concept works (I do wear glasses) quite effectively, but I have not tried on the specific helmets you mention.

I also have the Arai VX Pro and the Oakley OTG goggles (M or L frame...I forget). That setup is okay but it does smash my glasses a bit against my temple/bridge of nose. I wil keep that for really hot weather. The more open design promotes better airflow.

Several companies make goggles that have Rx inserts in them. Probably way better than having your glasses floating around in the OTG goggles.

I dont think it'll help hold your glasses, either wear contacts, get some of those wrap around sport glasses or get some prescription goggles if they exist. I've been using my joe rocket ds helmet for most of my riding and although the view is better the visor gets caked in mud fast and comes down on you when you have it up and hit any kind of jump. Because of that I always end up removing the visor and wearing goggles.

I bought a Fulmer ADV DS helmet and i have to say I'm impressed with the concept. The only drawback i can see is possible more of a pain in the butt changing out the windscreen if it gets scratched, but that remains to be seen.

For MX, I'd recommend prescription goggle lenses... I don't like my DS lid on real dusty trails because it doesn't seal out dust like a decent pair of goggles do.

Thanks for all the input everybody!

I wear glasses. Goggles and contacts are a PITA. Have an AFX helmet and it is awesome.


Thanks NW ADV, that was exactly what I was looking for. Since I can't afford Lasix I'm gonna give it a try.

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