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05 trx450r jetting suggestions

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i have an 05 trx450r and it runs great in the cold weather and has noticeably less rip when it's hot out. it also seems to be harder to start when its warmer out than when its colder. the valves were adjusted a couple rides ago. my mods are....

engine completely rebuilt with new hot rod crank, bearings, etc...

wiseco 11.5:1 piston

hrc cam

hrc half lid

hrc breather Tee

hrc head pipe

hrc needle

yoshi slipon

foam filter

removed screen canister thing inside filter

50/50 mix klotz/pump gas

altitude between 800-1000ft (southeast PA)

i used to have a 185 main jet in it, tried a 162 and it feels about the same. as far as the other jets and settings, i don't remember.... i'd have to rip it apart to see.



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