need help guys, fuel screw question...

got the stock fuel screw out. no o-ring was in there. R&D's has an o-ring. what do i do now?

the o ring is stuck up in there. get a light and a dental pick or something similar to fish it out.

your oring is stuck in the carb, did the spring come out with it there should be washer spring oring take a small allen wrench,pick etc. and get the oring out

thanks guys, it had already fallen off and landed on top of my chain by the front sprocket. got it sorted! thanks again

hey guys, came home and found out my bike is leaking gas out of the overflow tubes that stick out in front of my rear tire. i just jetted it and whatnot, what did i do wrong?? i have a towel under my bike, and there is a 3" gas stain on the towel, maybe 2 or 3 teaspoons of gas worth...



If you turn the gas petcock ON does fuel just pour out??

last night i shut off the fuel petcock, and it doesnt seem to have leaked anymore. i just turned the fuel back on about 2 minutes ago, and nothing is pouring out.

Stuck float.

Start the bike let it run a few turn it off leave gas on and see what happens

bike started right away. let it idle for a minute or so. gave it a couple stabs of throttle, and it pops quite a bit. so i turned my fuel screw a 1/4 turn leaner? bike runs fine, and no fuel is pouring out. looked like it was a very slow drip? i only have about 1/2 gallon of gas in the tank. and its on reserve now..

Yes the popping can be cause from the fuel screw, also check your head pipe and gasket to male sure u Dnt have a leak, that can cause popping as well

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